Groundwater model Gossau - St. Gallen West

A cooperation consisting of the city of Gossau, the technical Services of Gossau, the Municipal Utilities of St. Gallen (sgsw) as well as the Canton of St. Gallen have decided to commission GBB with an extensive groundwater model calculation in order to protect and plan a sustainable cultivation of the extensively used groundwater volume between Gossau and St.Gallen. The models goal is to better estimate the future impact on the groundwater arising from additional usage of the water and the construction of new buildings in that zone. Moreover, it is useful in order to design possible future zones for the use of geothermal energy from the groundwater.

Due to our more than 50 years of experience in the dedicated area, our office is the ideal partner to elaborate the necessary hydrogeological basis. Accordingly, we have received the mandate to collect and reclaim all the hydro-geologic relevant data from internal and external archives in order to be used for the simulation respectively for a groundwater model that has to be elaborated. We further support and advise the specialists (Simultec AG) concerning the modelling of the groundwater table and volumes. Moreover, we act as specialists in hydrogeological issues for the customer.

  • Published on May 25, 2016