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Geotechnical Enigeering

The planning, execution and monitoring of subsoil investigations are among our main activities. For the procurement of drillings we rely on specialized drilling companies, while we carry out pile driving soundings with and without core extraction ourselves.


The increasing human activities have a negative impact on our groundwater. We are therefore committed to the sustainable management of this important raw material. In addition to general groundwater studies, legally compliant protection zone separations and water rights expertise, we also develop concrete projects for groundwater and thermal water catchments, energetic utilisation concepts, hazard assessments and mapping as well as quantity and quality expertise.

Contaminated Sites

The problem of contaminated sites occupies a central position in our field of activity. This primarily involves the implementation of and compliance with legal requirements for the classification of suspected contaminated sites (contaminated site law) and construction projects involving excavation or demolition in the area of contaminated sites (waste law).

Contaminants in Buildings

With the increasingly scarce reserve of building land, the conversion and demolition of old buildings is becoming increasingly important. On the one hand, construction workers, third parties and the environment must be protected from building pollutants during conversion and demolition work, and on the other hand, correct disposal must be carefully planned. In general, asbestos, PAH, PCB and heavy metals are the main pollutants in the building fabric.

Environmental Engineering

Nowadays ecology, environmental protection and sustainability are of central importance for every building project. We look for the optimal solution for our clients, taking into account ecological and economic aspects.

Risik Analyses

Building is often associated with natural risks. One of the tasks of specialists is to identify and assess the risks and develop possible protective measures in consultation with planners and local officials.

Measuring Technique

Control measuring is essential for engineering geology as well as geotechnical engineering. We are very experienced in the field of electronic measuring techniques that sometimes reaches far into the domain of construciton engineering and material examination.

Environmental Construction Supervision

The environmental protection factor plays an increasingly important role in the realisation of larger construction projects and can lead to increased costs and delays in the construction project. By means of a coordinated environmental construction supervision, possible complications in this area can be detected and prevented at an early stage.


With increasing climate change, the negative effects on permafrost soils are steadily increasing, especially in our alpine region. The increased occurrence of thawing and freezing processes is reflected on the one hand by the increasing occurrence of rockfalls and mudslides, and on the other hand by damage and movements to existing infrastructure structures.

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