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Ground Water Heat Pump "Connect", Zürich

Function / Activities

  • Hydrogeological pre-investigations about the usable amount of water and feasibility of a filter well in the city area

  • Organisation and hydrogeological supervision of a 30 m filter borehole Ø 1500 mm with pump testings incl. submission
  • Consultation about the well construction (choice of filter, backfill, plant,  bulb socket)
  • Monitoring and analysis about the pump testing incl. organisation of the observation level
  • Planning and construction supervision of the infiltration plants under difficult conditions close to a contaminated site
  • Computer simulation of the diffusion of the temperature flag in the groundwather induced by the thermal use
  • Organisation of the groundwater observation upstream of the plant
  • Elaborating the necessary information for the concession of the plant with a capacity of 2,100 l/min

Project location



2008 - 2010

Building owner

ewz, Zurich