Construction project Wolfganghof, St. Gallen

In the south of the Wolfganghof district in St. Gallen, five new apartment buildings with 135 mostly smaller flats are being planned on an area of around 13'000 m2. The three buildings to the west have common underground garage. Due to the locally steep topography and the geometry of the buildings, for its constructions temporary slopes of up to 8 m in height will be created locally, while elsewhere the buildings will be founded practically at ground level and larger fills are planned for terrain shaping.

In November/December 2020, Grundbauberatung-Geoconsulting AG carried out a detailed underground investigation on the site. To determine the excavation and foundation conditions, a combination of core drillings, standard penetration tests and excavator slots were accomplished. Piezometers were installed in the boreholes and in individual standard penetration test holes to check the groundwater conditions, and the results of the investigation were captured in a profound geotechnical report. The geotechnical investigation forms the basis for further project development and provides the necessary information for planning the civil engineering works.

  Wolfganghof1 Wolfganghof2 Wolfganghof3

  • Published on January 14, 2021