01. September 2017

Thermal groundwater exploiting for the industrial building of Stadler Rail in St. Margrethen?

On the HIAG site in St. Margrethen, the Swiss train manufacturer Stadler Altenrhein AG is planning on an area of around 60’000 m2 the construction of new production halls for their most modern trains as well as new rooms for administrative tasks.

Since the geological-hydrogeological investigations on site indicate a large amount of circulating groundwater, the promoter is considering to provide the thermal energy supply of the new complex by means of groundwater. This would require around 2’300 l/min of groundwater, which would serve for cooling and heating of the buildings.

In this regard, test wells are currently being drilled, in which pumping tests are to be carried out subsequently. These investigations will show whether the required groundwater quantities can be withdrawn from the ground in the long term and to what extent special measures regarding the groundwater chemistry are to be envisaged.

Below are a few pictures of the work.